Since the Senator won’t allow comments calling attention to his voting record, Priorities for Iowa launches effort to expose the truth


(DES MOINES) – Iowa State Senator Jeff Danielson is hiding the truth and clearly doesn’t want his constituents or community to know what he actually does or votes for in Des Moines. In an online post Monday, August 1st, Sen. Danielson blamed Iowa Gov. Terry Branstad for the closures of Mental Health Institutions in Iowa, but Danielson failed to mention that he voted in support of closing Iowa Mental Health Institutions three times.

When Priorities for Iowa, Inc. called attention to this via his Facebook post blaming the governor, Danielson had the comment deleted. When Priorities for Iowa, Inc. attempted to share the truth again, Danielson removed the comment a second time.

Sen. Jeff Danielson

State Sen. Jeff Danielson doesn’t want Iowans to know that he voted THREE times in support of closing Iowa mental health institutions.

State Senator Jeff Danielson is hiding the truth from his constituents: he voted three times to support closing Iowa Mental Health Institutions,” said Priorities for Iowa, Inc. executive director Jimmy Centers. “Jeff Danielson is just another politician who wants to do one thing at the Capitol, but tell his constituents something else at home. Priorities for Iowa will hold State Senator Danielson accountable so his constituents and community know what he actually does when he is away in Des Moines.”

Since State Sen. Danielson is trying to hide the truth about his record, Priorities for Iowa will hold him accountable through a digital and grassroots effort. The effort will begin this week.

Priorities for Iowa, Inc. is a nonpartisan 501c4 issue advocacy group. The group is committed to educating Iowans, while focusing on issues related to strengthening Iowa’s economy, defending Iowa values and standing-up for Iowa families. For more information, please visit

Danielson represents Iowa State Senate District 30. The district includes portions of Waterloo, Cedar Falls and Hudson. The full district can be seen here.



Danielson deletes comments calling attention to his voting record:

Danielson’s votes support closing Iowa Mental Health Institutions:April 23, 2009: Iowa State Sen. Jeff Danielson votes for a bill which recommends closing a Mental Health Institution in Iowa. Source: House File 811; Passed Iowa Senate 30-19;Danielson votes “aye.”

  • Within Section 22 of House File 811, which Sen. Danielson voted for, the bill reads, “The department shall submit a proposal for closing one state mental health institute and consolidating the services provided at the other state mental health institutes.”
  • Sen. Danielson’s vote required the Iowa Department of Human Services to issue a report proposing the closure of a Mental Health Institution. The report, required by Danielson’s vote, recommends closing the Mount Pleasant Mental Health Institution.Source: Department of Human Services Proposal for State Mental Health Institute Closure and Consolidation, December 15, 2009.
June 3, 2015: Iowa State Senator Jeff Danielson votes for a bill that closes the Clarinda Mental Health Institutions in the second half of the fiscal year. Source: Senate File 505;Passed Iowa Senate 33-7; Danielson votes “aye.”
  • “A health and human services budget approved by the Iowa Legislature Wednesday would keep the Mount Pleasant Mental Health Institute open but only postpone closing the Clarinda MHI in Clarinda, Iowa, until Dec. 15.” – Omaha World Herald, June 7, 2015
April 29, 2016: Iowa State Sen. Jeff Danielson votes for House File 2460, which continues the funding level to Mount Pleasant and Clarinda mental health institutions, keeping them closed. Source: House File 2460; Passed Iowa Senate 26-19; Danielson votes aye.”

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