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Iowans need a senator that will stand up for farmers and land owners against government overreach

Priorities for Iowa, Inc., a nonpartisan 501c4 dedicated to educating Iowans on important issues facing them and their families, today held a media call featuring Iowa Secretary of Agriculture Bill Northey. On the call, Priorities for Iowa, Inc. and Sec. Northey called for Patty Judge to reverse course and reject the Environmental Protection Agency’s (EPA) disastrous Waters of the United States (WOTUS) rule.


“Let’s be clear, the WOTUS rule is a massive federal overreach that is misguided, places the increased burden of government red tape on farmers and land owners, and impedes our efforts to improve water quality through Iowa’s innovative Nutrient Reduction Strategy,” said Northey.


At a recent Des Moines Register editorial board meeting, Patty Judge, a former Iowa Secretary of Agriculture, called the misguided WOTUS rule “on target.”


“Patty Judge’s position isn’t surprising, but it is certainly disappointing considering that as a former Iowa Secretary of Agriculture she should understand just how devastating this rule is for Iowa farmers, land owners and Iowa’s efforts to improve water quality,” Northey concluded.


Priorities for Iowa, Inc. is calling on Patty Judge to explain why she is choosing to back a misguided, burdensome government overreach instead of standing up for Iowa farmers and land owners.


“Both Democrats and Republicans have called for the Obama Administration and the EPA to drop the disastrous WOTUS rule. In fact, Iowa’s congressional delegation has taken action to halt the WOTUS government overreach,” said Jimmy Centers, Priorities for Iowa executive director. “This isn’t a partisan issue. Unfortunately, Patty Judge, a candidate that was hand-picked by the Washington elite, would rather align herself with the EPA and President Obama instead of standing up for Iowans.”

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