Priorities for Iowa, Inc. today released video footage of Patty Judge showing her true partisan colors at a rare campaign stop in Osceola, Iowa. During her speech, Patty Judge states, “I’m a Democrat. And I’m as partisan as anybody going.”

Judge’s website, Twitter and Facebook made no mention of her appearance in Osceola at “Thursday Night in the Park” on June 16, 2016, but Priorities for Iowa, Inc. was there in an attempt to help Iowans learn more about Judge, who has made a habit of keeping her campaign appearances a secret.


“Iowans deserve a United States Senator who will work across party lines and put Iowa’s interests first, not petty partisan politics,” said Priorities for Iowa executive director Jimmy Centers. “Harry Reid, Chuck Schumer and Washington insiders hand-picked Patty Judge because they know she’ll be a loyal partisan liberal in the United States Senate, but now Patty Judge is revealing to Iowans just what kind of partisan senator she would be in Washington.”


The video exposing Patty Judge’s partisanship pledge was released in conjunction with Priorities for Iowa, Inc. launching PartisanPatty.com. The site will educate and inform Iowans on the troubling partisanship Patty Judge plans to take to Washington.


Priorities for Iowa, Inc. is a nonpartisan 501c4 dedicated to educating Iowans on issues important to them. The group focuses on strengthening Iowa’s economy, standing up for Iowa families and defending Iowa values.


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