• Silencing Iowans

    Mowrer's latest project would weaken our voices in elections.

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  • Fiscal Discipline

    Priorities for Iowa issues statement on Iowa's December revenue projections.

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  • Informing Iowans

    Priorities for Iowa was formed by a non-partisan group of Iowans committed to educating and informing citizens on a variety of issues. We are focused on strengthening our economy, standing up for Iowa families, and defending our Iowa values.

Iowa Senate Democrats propose raiding Iowa’s rainy-day fund in 2016

A week ahead of the legislative session, Senate Democrats offer reckless budgetary proposal Priorities for Iowa, a nonpartisan 501(c)4 focused on informing and educating citizens, today called on Iowa Senate Democrats to abandon their proposal to raid Iowa’s rainy-day fund this legislative session.    Last week Iowa Senate Democrat Assistant Majority Leader Sen. Bill Dotzler …

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Priorities for Iowa calls for Hillary Clinton to apologize for insulting Iowa caucus-goers

(DES MOINES) – Priorities for Iowa, a nonpartisan 501(c)4, today called on Democrat presidential candidate Hillary Clinton to apologize to Iowa caucus-goers for her insulting comments in which she called caucuses “creatures of the parties’ extremes.” The offensive statement was revealed yesterday in the latest batch of emails from Hillary Clinton’s secret server at the …

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It’s Debate Time! #AskHillary

Friends, After months of holding staged events with hand-picked supporters, Hillary Clinton is finally going to have to do something she fears – actually answer questions! We’ve compiled a list of questions we think Hillary Clinton needs to answer during tomorrow’s debate: How can Americans trust you when over 400 emails from your secret email server contained classified …

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Bruce Braley skipped important VA Committee Hearings for Fundraising events

From the Des Moines Register: At 10:19 a.m. on Sept. 20, 2012, the committee held a hearing on a backlog of disability claims and reports of problems with mental health care and stewardship of VA funding, congressional records show. The roll call shows Braley didn’t attend. Braley’s aides said he skipped it to attend a 9:36 a.m. Oversight and …

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Another 24,000 Iowans could lose health insurance

From the Des Moines Register: More than 24,000 Iowans could lose subsidized health insurance if courts ban the government from helping pay for policies purchased on the federal government’s online marketplace, Iowa’s insurance commissioner said. About 29,000 Iowans purchased 2014 health insurance policies on that system before the March 31 deadline. Of those, 24,485 reported …

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Another health insurance provider plans to raise rates on Iowans

From the Des Moines Register: The state’s largest provider of health insurance wants to raise premium rates for about 250,000 policyholders in Iowa and South Dakota. Wellmark Blue Cross and Blue Shield told the Register today that it is seeking to raise rates next year by less than 5.9 percent for a vast majority of …

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