Judge’s failed record in Iowa shows her policies would be a disaster in Washington


Patty Judge Presser fail copy(DES MOINES) – Priorities for Iowa, Inc. today was joined by Iowa Lt. Governor Kim Reynolds at a press conference at the state capitol to remind Iowans of the failed policies implemented during Patty Judge’s tenure as Iowa lieutenant governor. Priorities for Iowa is calling on Patty Judge to explain to Iowans why she should be trusted in Washington after a disastrous tenure in power in Des Moines.


“Upon taking office after the Culver-Judge administration, Governor Branstad and I found a state budget overly reliant on one-time money, K-12 education that was irresponsibly slashed through a reckless across-the-board budget cut, high unemployment and a state government that was still reeling from criminal scandals,” said Lt. Gov. Reynolds. “Patty Judge may try to run from her record as Iowa’s Lieutenant Governor, but Iowans will remember the irresponsible budgeting, big debt and job loss that was the hallmark of her tenure.”


At the press conference, Priorities for Iowa and Lt. Gov. Reynolds outlined just a few of the failed policies from the failed Culver-Judge administration, including:


  1. A billion-dollar budget shortfall
  2. One-time money being used for on-going expenses
  3. Unemployment that was 46% higher than what it is today under Gov. Branstad and Lt. Gov. Reynolds
  4. Runaway spending that equated to $1.14 of spending for every dollar brought-in
  5. “Depleted” rainy day funds from an unquenchable thirst for government spending
  6. $875 million of debt for the failed I-Jobs program, which taxpayers are still paying back


“If Iowa families like the growing $19.2 trillion of national debt, they’ll love Patty Judge,” said Priorities for Iowa executive director Jimmy Centers. “Examining the Judge record is troubling for any taxpayer who wants a government that manages the budget the same way hard-working families do. It’s time for Patty Judge to start telling Iowans where she’ll be appearing ahead of time so they can ask how her failed policies from Des Moines would be different from what she would do in Washington, DC.”

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