National Democrats set to adopt a platform calling for equal pay, but Patty Judge’s record shows her offices had significant gender pay gaps

At the Democratic National Convention in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, next week, Democrats will adopt a party platform that calls for equal pay for men and women. But a review by Priorities for Iowa, Inc. shows the party’s recruit for the U.S. Senate seat in Iowa, Patty Judge, routinely paid men more than women while she held elected office.

An analysis of public information by Priorities for Iowa, Inc. showed that during Iowa State Budget Fiscal Years 1999 – 2008, Patty Judge paid men, on average, 12.45 percent more per year than women, while serving as Iowa Secretary of Agriculture and Iowa Lt. Governor. When Judge led the Iowa Department of Agriculture and Land Stewardship, women fared worse: Men earned, on average, 14.81 percent more than women.

“Equal pay for women is a campaign talking point for Patty Judge, but it appears to be just a disingenuous political talking point and nothing else. Despite her campaign rhetoric, Patty Judge’s record shows that while she was in office, there was a significant gender pay gap, and women were routinely paid less than their male colleagues,” said Priorities for Iowa executive director Jimmy Centers. “Iowans deserve to know why Patty Judge made a habit of paying men, on average, over twelve percent more per year than women.”

The data was collected from the Iowa Department of Administrative Service’s State Employee Salary Book. Individuals who left the agency in the middle of a fiscal year were removed from the data. Elected officials, whose salaries are set by Iowa Code and not the agency, were also removed since their pay is not discretionary.

Iowans can review Judge’s troubling record of paying men more than their female colleagues at a new site launched today, To view in-depth data of Judge’s record of paying men more than women by fiscal year, please visit

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