From Des Moines Register:

Democratic state Sen. Steve Sodders joined the Bruce Braley campaign’s attack on Republican nominee Joni Ernst. During a news conference, Sodders referred to hog castration – a subject of Ernst’s ads – as “mutilating animals.” Seriously.

“In part of her ad, she talks about mutilating animals and riding Harleys all the way to Washington, D.C.,” Sodders said. He argued she hasn’t really cut pork in Iowa as she claims she’ll do in the Senate.

Equating hog castration to animal mutilation suggests at best ignorance of a widely used and accepted practice in livestock production. Male animals raised for meat are usually neutered before they reach the slaughterhouse. Great timing, too, considering the World Pork Expo is underway at the Iowa State Fairgrounds.

Written by Kathie Obradovich

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